Fan-shaped Covered Dish

Oribe type, Mino ware



Artist Oribe type, Mino ware
Period Momoyama period, early 17th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with underglaze green and iron decoration
Size Overall H.11.4 D.29.5×25.0


Oribe ware, named after Furuta Oribe, is noted for its variety of shapes and decorations and is the most original among all Mino ware. This is a type known as Ao-Oribe (Oribe ware partially covered with green glaze), featuring the characteristic green copper glaze and decoration in underglaze iron. The piece, which is one of several similar covered dishes in the shape of a fan, is painted on the lid in underglaze iron with geometric patterns on the fan leaf and with fan ribs expressed in stripes, and is covered on the pivot and partially on the fan leaf with green glaze.