Dish with a design of chrysanthemum scrolls, Nabeshima ware


Period Edo period, late 17th - early 18th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze enamels
Size H.5.8 D.20.3 BD.10.9


Some nanasun Nabeshima dishes have decoration executed only on its rims. There are several different designs, but in the illustrated dish, scrolling vines have been drawn in underglaze blue all around the rim, over which motifs of chrysanthemums have been painted in overglaze enamels. The floral motifs, placed in five areas around the rim, consist of a single chrysanthemum flower with a leaf on either side. The five flowers, painted in a brilliant red stand out beautifully. The dish is well-shaped and is of excellent quality. The back is decorated with the shippo-tsunagi design, and the foot, with the usual comb design.

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