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Sake Ewer with a design of flowers


Artist Ko-kutani (old Kutani) type, Imari warea
Period Edo period, 17th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with overglaze enamels
Size Overall H.13.6 L.20.5 MD.8.0 D.16.0 BD.9.5


Sake ewers of the ko-Kutani type are extremely rare and have been highly praised by tea masters for generations. This ewer, made in a shape imitating the earlier ewers which were of iron, is powerfully faceted around the shoulder and has a long spout protruding straight out from the body. It is decorated on the body and lid with flowering vines resembing morning glories, and around the base of the spout with a saw-tooth pattern, all in rich tones of red and green in an elegant style.

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