Important Cultural Property

Cosmetic Box with a design of a landscape in maki-e


Period Kamakura period, 14th century
Materials and techniques Wood with black lacquer and gold
Size D.27.7×34.3 Overall H.21.5


The rim of both the box and its deep fitted cover is bordered with tin coating. The handle on the front side of the box has bamboo and pine design in openwork made of gilt bronze. The surface of the box and the cover is coated with black lacquer and sprinkled with gold powder ( nashi-ji ). The box is covered with scenes of rafts, cormorant fishing and landscape. Inside the box, designs of herons and soaring birds are represented in variety of sophisticated lacquer techniques. During the Kamakura period, the maki-e technique was further advanced in order to add realistic and three-dimensional effects to patterns on lacquerware.

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