Important Cultural Property

Box with a design of floral scrolls in inlaid mother-of-pearl


Period Momoyama period. 16th century
Materials and techniques Wood with black lacquer and gold
Size D.41.0×31.2 Overall H.11.8


This is a chic rectangular box. It is coated with black lacquer except for a narrow strip along the edges which is painted in yellow lacquer and the box is decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl. It was probably made by a Japanese lacquerer judging from the technique and the hue of lacquer. The floral arabesque in the center of the lid is expressed in Korean style, the curved lines of leaves and vines suggest European influence and the design of both swastika and crosses are probably affected by the Christian presence in Japan. The stylish taste of this box exhibits it was made during the Momoyama period.

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