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Kosode Dress with Design of Autumn Grasses


Artist Attributed to Ogata Korin
Period Edo period, 18th century
Materials and techniques Color on white silk
Size 157.0×61.0


Kosode by Korin immediately brings to mind "Fuyuki Kosode " which is designated an Important Cultural Property and preserved at the Tokyo National Museum. This kosode is very much like the "Fuyuki Kosode" and has designs of autumn flowers and grasses, such as chrysanthemums and bellflowers painted directly on a ground of white silk. Distribution of the flowers is also similar to the "Fuyuki Kosode".
Autumn grasses were a favorite motif of the Rimpa school, and here they are rendered with a skillful hand well-experienced in the depiction of the subject matter. The composition seems to be flat, however the design has been calculated to fit around the figure of the wearer in a beautiful way.

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