Important Cultural Property

Mirror with a triangular rim and a design of four deities and two animals


Period Kofun (Tumulus) period, 4th century
Materials and techniques Bronze
Size D.22.0


All of these three finely cast mirrors (indicated by A, B and C) have raised, sharp and triangular edges and design of deities and animals. They are made of fine quality bronze and are among the extremely valuable artifacts buried in the tombs during Japan’s early Kofun (tumulus) period. The inscriptions and design of deities and animals are clear and distinct on them all. Hardly any ancient mirror matches them in quality except the one unearthed from the ancient tomb in Yamaguchi prefecture which is known to be made by the same metal foundry as the mirror A. The three mirrors are said to be part of a set of four mirrors, of which one is lost, excavated from the ancient tomb in Kuwana, Mie prefecture.

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