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ATAMIZA 2021: Living National Treasure Bando Tamasaburo perfoms Buto 
                           Ⓒ松竹株式会社 無断転載禁止

Living National Treasure of Kabuki performance Bando Tamasaburo returns to MOA Museum of Art.

The program includes a lecture on the stage costumes, in which the actor himself explains the themes, patterns, and technical secrets of traditional Kabuki costume.

On the stage, he performs two Nagauta programs: Oimatsu and Shizu no Odamaki. The accompanying ensemble includes Kineya Katsukuni (Living National Treasure) on shamisen, as well as Kineya Katsushiro, Tanaka Denzaemon, and Kawase Roshu.

Shizu no Odamaki is a Nagauta repertoire of all-time favorite, a homage to young lady Shizukagozen, a mistress of war hero Minamoto no Yoshitsune. The lovers had to part as Yoshitsune is exiled by his stepbrother Yoritomo. The lord Yoritomo takes her away to Kamakura, where he and his wife make this young lady perform a ‘mai’ dance. On the stage, she becomes overwhelmed by her loving thoughts for the man of her life, wishing for his safety. The warlord becomes offended by her disgrace — fine sentimental proses and rich theatrical finesse make the story breathtakingly beautiful.


< ATAMIZA > From the world’s popular holiday destination Atami, our ATAMIZA presents cultural events showcasing traditional Japanese performing arts and music, as part of the City’s initiative to promote its rich local hot spring spa culture for the international tourism.



Dates: Sun. November 21 - Thu. November 25, 2021 (Starting at 14:00)

Venue: The Noh Theater

Program: Lecture (Kabuki costumes)
   Nagauta Oimatsu (a venerable pine tree)
   Nagauta Shizu no Odamaki
    *Program is subject to change.

Ticket: 18,000 yen  *Museum members enjoy 16,000 yen discount on these tickets

Ticket release:
◆For Museum members: from June 20 (10:00)

Purchase your tickets online from the link on the Museum website.

◆General sales starts on July 1 (10:00)

Available online from the link on the Museum website or from a ticketing service Ticket PIA.


<Important Notice>

The event is subject to cancellation or program modification if requested by the national government in relation to the COVID-19 emergency measures.

Should the event be cancelled, purchased tickets will be fully refunded according to the procedures announced on this website.