National Treasure

The Calligraphy Album ‘Tekagami Kanboku-jo’


Period Nara - Muromachi period, 8th - 15th century
Materials and techniques 311 fragments in one album
Size 38.2×31.9


This album is one of the three renowned collections of outstanding calligraphy, the other two being Moshiogusa in the Kyoto National Museum Collection and Minuyono-tomo in the Idemitsu Museum of Arts Collection. Kambokujō, meaning “a castle of brush and Indian ink”, is an appropriate name for a repository of masterpieces by distinguished calligraphers. It contains 311 pieces of excellent calligraphy from Nara through Muromachi periods. It was passed down the line of the Kohitsu family and later owned by the Masuda family.

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