Important Cultural Property

Dish with a design of peaches, Nabeshima ware


Period Edo period, late 17th - early 18th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze enamels
Size H.8.2 D.31.5 BD.15.1


Nabeshima ware are most delicate porcelains produced in the private kilns established at a great expense by the Nabeshima feudal domain in Okawachi of Saga prefecture. This dish decorated with a design of peaches is one of the few large dishes that remain today and is a renown masterpiece. It is covered with a transparent white glaze, under which a peach tree has been executed in underglaze blue over a ground brushed with a light cobalt blue pigment. The fruit and the leaves of the peach were painted in overglaze enamels of red, yellow and green. The method of coloring the peaches using numerous small dots displays a technique of a high level unique to Nabeshima ware.

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