Important Cultural Property

Amida (Amitabha) Trinity


Period Heian period, 12th century
Materials and techniques Wood with lacquer and gold leaf
Size Amida: Overall H.188.9 Figure H.87.0, Right Attendant: Overall H.117.1 Figure H.57.0, Left Attendant: Overall H.115.0 Figure H.56.4


The statue of Amida making a blessing with the fingers is flanked by Kannon Bosatsu holding a small lotus pedestal and Seishi Bosatsu in prayer. The openwork halo behind Amida shows statuettes of bosatsu playing the lute, flute and other musical instruments. This is the image of Amida descending to earth to escort the souls of the dying into the Pure Land of the Blessed. In the late Heian period, sculptures of such genre were born out of the people’s aspiration for the advent of Amida founded on the wide spread belief of mappō-- the latter days of the Law in Buddhism. The statues were formerly owned by An’yō-ji Temple, Nara.

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