Important Art Object

Standing Jizo Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha)


Period Kamakura period, ca. 1240
Materials and techniques Wood with paint and gold
Size Overall H.112.0 Figure H.77.8


The standard statues of Jizō are holding a sacred treasure in the left hand and a cane in the right hand. However, the right hand fingers of this statue form a slightly different shape from the standard statues and thus are out of the ordinary in shape. The robes are embellished with round, arabesque and square scroll patterns, vermilion and greenish-blue pigments and thin gold leaf inlays. The facial expression of Jizō and undulating pleats of robes show characteristics of the An’nami style which the great Kamakura sculptor, Kaikei, had accomplished. The inscription found inside the hollow of the statue indicates that it was made in 1240 and that colors were painted the following year.

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