Decorative lacquering of Japan “Maki-e” by Living National Treasure Nakano Koichi

2023.01.27(Fri) - 2023.03.14(Tue)

Special Gallery


Nakano Koichi, from Ishikawa prefecture, trained in diverse traditional Japanese lacquer art techniques under master Ōba Shōgyo. His work is characterized by dynamic and rhythmical designs with motifs taken from animals and plants, depicted using a variety of maki-e techniques and inlays. He was designated as a preserver of important intangible cultural properties of Japan in the category of maki-e in 2002 for his decades of creative devotion and excellence. The exhibition showcases the finest of Nakano’s enticing lacquerware.

Exhibition highlights


Box in maki-e “Jūgoya (Autumn Moon)” 2010, Private collection


Box with plum design in maki-e 2022, Private collection


Box with thistle design in maki-e 2021, Private collection


Dish with Flowing Water in Maki-e 2001, MOA Museum of Art

蒔絵箱 まどか

Box in maki-e “Madoka” 1989, MOA Museum of Art