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Noh Play “Kosode-soga”

2019.03.17(Sun) 13:30 -

The Regular Noh Performance


We are pleased to notify you of 2019 Noh performance schedule and ticket information. Please come enjoy the Noh performance with the splendid casts.


3/17 (Sun.) 13:30~

 Noh Play “Kosode-soga”

  (lead actor) Kiyokazu Kanze of the Kanze School

 Kyogen “Kagyu (The Snail)”

  Zenchiku Juro of the Okura School


Tickets (for the March Performance) will be sold from 12/27/2018.

◆Ticket Price

SS Seating    ¥8,000 (¥7,000 for Tomono-kai members)

 S Seating    ¥7,500 (¥6,500)

 A Seating    ¥5,000 (¥3,500)

 B Seating    ¥4,000 (¥2,500)

*All ticket prices include general admission to the museum.

*We discount 1,500 yen when you purchase tickets for all three performances (March, June, November performances).


Click here to view Seating Map


〈How To Purchase Tickets〉

*You can reserve tickets by phone or purchase tickets at the museum 2F reception counter. Tickets for the March performance will be released on 12/17 (Mon.). For the June and November performances, tickets will be sold from the beginning of February 2019.

*Using the e+ booking system

  Order your tickets online and pick them up at your local convenience store.  (If you wish to purchase the ticket directly, Family Mart is the only available convenience store.)

*Applications can be made by telephone on 0557-84-2500 MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater

*Transfer Destination: postal checking account 00860-2-187378

MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater.


〈Set Plan〉

Enjoy our Set Plan(Lunch+Noh): 2,500yen-set menu lunch at Hana-no-chaya in the museum tea garden and Noh ticket.  

Click here to check our Lunch+Noh Set Plan Ticket