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Concert and Performances

Noh and Kyogen performances

2020.05.30(Sat) - 2020.11.29(Sun)

Regular program


Enjoy the 2020 programs of Noh performances at MOA Museum of Art.
Tickets will be released at 10:00 am Saturday, January 11!

Noh Theater in May
Sat. May 30, 2020  from 1:30 pm

Aoi no Ue (Lady Aoi) - with arrangements of Azusa-no-de / Sora-no-inori
      performed by the Kanze school

Principal by Kanze Kiyokazu, and counterpart by Obinata Hiroshi
Music ensemble: Matsuda Hiroyuki (flute), Kanze Shinkuro (shoulder-drum), Kakihara Mitsuhiro (hip-drum), and Konparu Soemon (stick-drum)
Interlude by Yamamoto Noritaka

Fumiyamadachi (A pair of pirates)  
      performed by the Ōkura school

Principal by Yamamoto Yasutaro, and counterpart by Yamamoto Noritaka

Noh Theater in November
Sun. November 29, 2020 from 1:30 pm

Genjō (Lute)
      performed by the Hōshō school

Principal by Tatsumi Manjiro, and counterpart by Hosho Kin’ya
Music ensemble: Isso Takayuki (flute), Goto Kazuyuki (shoulder-drum), Tsukuda Yoshikatsu (hip-drum), and Sawada Akira (stick-drum)
Interlude by Nomura Mannojo

Bōshibari (Both hands tied)
      performed by the Izumi school

Principal by Nomura Manzo, and counterparts by Nomura Akihito and Nomura Kennosuke

Ticket prices:
SS:    ¥ 8,000    (Member concession: ¥ 7,000)
S:     ¥ 7,500                  (¥  6,500)
A:     ¥ 5,000                  (¥ 3,500)
B:     ¥ 4,000                  (¥ 2,500)

Nogaku workshop
Tue. August 18, 2020

・Learn how to play the Noh theater instruments
            10:30 am (60 places only)
・Watch Noh performances in the Museum Noh Theater
            1:30 pm
Cost ¥ 500 yen (purchase of a Noh Theater ticket or museum admission ticket required)

[Theater program]
Kyōgen play by the Izumi school and
Noh play by the Kita school

Noh Theater ticket prices
S:          ¥ 6,000      (Member concession: ¥4,000)
A:          ¥ 5,000                    (¥ 3,000)
B:          ¥ 4,000                    (¥ 2,000)
Minor:   ¥ 1,000 (children under 16 years old, accompanied by an adult)

*The Noh Theater ticket includes the museum admission fee

The Noh Theater dept. MOA Museum of Art
Tel: +81-(0)557-84-2500