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MOA Museum of Art Smile Children’s Choir – Recruiting New Members !

MOA Museum of Art has organized ‘The Smile Children Choir’ with the wish to help children grow emotionally healthy and cultivate their sense of humanity through art and cultural activities. Since its creation, they have been performing at numbers of concerts and now have been noted as a beloved choir which can encourage people, sing all genres of songs, as well as dance. Also, through the activities, the members have gained a feeling of consideration, importance and a good attitude of making effort and have an enriched sense of humanity.

The Smile Children Choir Detailed Information


The Smile Children Choir Detailed Information

Practice Schedule and Content of Activity


The choir’s original song, ‘Phoenix’
J-pop and other pop songs
classical music
nursery songs and songs of schoolchildren


Recruiting New Members  *This is only in Japan.

1. Eligible Person

Elementary school 2nd graders - High school 3rd-year students.*2nd grade-12th grade
Choir Practice Date & Time: Saturdays / 13:00 - 15:00
*Kindergarten Nencho Class students and elementary school 1st graders are also eligible for the training course.

2. Place

MOA Zuiun Kaikan

3.Inquiries about visiting or joining MOA Smile Children’s Choir

MOA Museum of Art Smile Children’s Choir Executive Secretariat
TEL. 0557-84-2520
FAX. 0557-84-2570