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Important Cultural Property

‘The Tale of Princess Joruri’


Artist Attributed to Iwasa Matabei Katsumochi
Period Edo period, 17th century
Materials and techniques Set of twelve handscrolls, colour on paper
Size 33.9×12943.0


This is the most gorgeously colored works among the picture scrolls attributed to Katsumochi. It is based on one of the Yoshitsune tales, about a love story between a warrior hero Yoshitsune fleeing to Ōshū and the daughter (Princess Jōruri) of a rich man. The abundant use of leaf gold and the delicate depiction of detail characterize this work. From the categorization of the portraits, it is considered to be the product of an atelier stemming from Katsumochi’s style. Formerly owned by the Matsudaira family in Tsuyama (present Okayama prefecture).

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