Calligraphy of Poems from the ‘Shin-Kokin Wakashu’ on Paper Decorated with Deer


Artist Decoration by Tawaraya Sotatsu, calligraphy by Hon'ami Koetsu
Period Momoyama - Edo period, 17th century
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, ink・gold and silver on paper
Size 34.1×75.5


This shows part of the poem scroll, with pictures of deer posing in different positions and motions painted in gold & silver pigments by Sōtatsu along with calligraphy of 28 selected poems from the anthology Shinkokin-wakashū transcribed by Kōetsu. His ornamental writing style blends superbly with the herd of deer, and the overall effect is strikingly modern. The latter half of this scroll ( now in Seattle Art Museum Collection ) has Tokuyū-sai’s signature on it.

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