Calligraphy of Poems from the ‘Shin-Kokin Wakashu’ on Printed Patterned Paper

By Hon'ami Koetsu



Artist By Hon'ami Koetsu
Period Momoyama - Edo period, 17th century
Materials and techniques Handscroll, ink on decorated paper
Size 33.6×890.8


Twenty-three autumn poems selected from the anthology Kokin-wakashū are transcribed sparsely on a paper scroll printed with peonies in mica flakes. The calligraphic style is elegant and the flow of brush is even compared to his other works. It is quite different from Kōetsu’s aesthetic tendency seen in his later works that are characterized by transcribing poems on magnificent scrolls rich in gold and silver pigments and gorgeous printings. Kōetsu’s chops are marked at the end of this scroll and the seal showing “Sōji, the paper craftsman” is inscribed on the reverse side of the scroll.