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Bowl with a design of floral scrolls


Artist Jingdezhen ware
Period China, Ming dynasty, 15th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue
Size H.13.5 MD.31.5 BD.22.8


Production of blue-and-white which flourished in the Yuan period continued into the Ming dynasty. This basin, said to have been made in the early Ming period during the Yongle reign (1403–24), is a well-potted example with decoration in underglaze blue of a beautiful violet blue color. The interior is decorated on the bottom with a flower with each of its petals containing one of the eight auspicious objects, surrounded by friezes of scrolling lotus and scrolling pinks on the walls, while the exterior side features scrolling chrysanthemums. The vessel is a type of wash basin and has a comfortable stable form.

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