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Important Art Object

Dish with a design of phoenixes


Artist Jingdezhen ware, signature: Chen Wenxian zao (made by Chen Wenxian)
Period China, Ming dynasty, 16th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with overglaze enamels
Size H.6.7 MD. 32.1 BD.17.9


This type of wucai (five-colors), made in the non-Imperial kilns in a traditional style, is attractive in its rich coloring and motifs painted in free flowing brushwork. This dish is decorated on the interior bottom with two phoenixes amidst floral scrolls, and along the wall with scrolling chrysanthemums, all in red, green and yellow pigments. The dish, with its bright colors and design in skillful brushwork is overflowing with the charm and delight of wucai ware. The dish bears on the bottom an uncustomary inscription reading “made by Chen Wenxian”.

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