Kohrinka Flower Arrangement

Start a ‘life with flowers’

Kohrinka Flower Arrangement gives courses on flower arrangement in perpetuation of the vision held by Okada Mokichi, the founding leader of MOA Museum of Art.  Flower Salon is organized as part of Kohrinka activities, providing people with the opportunity to enjoy arranging flower in a very accessible way.


Kohrinka Flower Arrangement by MOA Museum of Art


What makes Kohrinka unique?

Kohrinka Flower Arrangement aims to impart the knowledge and skills in developing aesthetic sensitivity through communication with flowers on various levels. It is not exactly a technical school of Japanese flower arrangement 'ikebana.'

The courses are organized locally by accredited instructors, and the programs include various activities such as workshops, visits to local museums and nature-walks in the natural environment nearby, as well as arranging flowers.


Courses and Grade

-- Kohrinka Flower Arrangement by MOA Museum of Art is currently undergoing reorganization of its course structure --

Detailed information will be updated in due course.

Thank you for your understanding.