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the shop and kōgei craftwork

Offering special kōgei craftworks specially designed and created by prominent artists, the shop is an oasis of ideas to add a touch of beauty to your day-to-day surroundings.


Overglazed plate with ink-wash and autumnal herb design by Imaizumi Imaemon (Living national treasure)  ¥88,000


Overglazed tea cup by Imaizumi Imaemon (Living national treasure)  ¥88,000
Gilded sake cup by Komori Kunie (Living national treasure)  ¥55,000
Urushi sake cups by Masumura Kiichiro (Living national treasure)  ¥65,000 each
Urushi pendant/broach “Kutsuwa” by Matsumoto Tatsuya  ¥77,000
Urushi necktie-pin by Matsumoto Tatsuya ¥33,000
Colored ceramic cup “Hisui” by Saeda Makoto  ¥12,960
Colored ceramic container “Fugu” by Saeda Makoto  ¥32,400
Inkstone by Amemiya Yataro  ¥55,000
Sake glass by Kigasawa Masato  ¥33,000