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Ōsawa Kōmin (Living National Treasure) ~The Great Skill & Beauty of His Works

2019.05.24(Fri) - 2019.06.25(Tue)



Ōsawa Kōmin was born in 1941 in Takaoka-shi, Toyama Prefecture, an area famous for copperware. While involved in inheriting the classic casting techniques, Ōsawa became a master of the yakigata casting technique.
He is also the inventor of a cast-wrapping technique called inurimi in which metal decoration is attached to the surface of a mold before molten metal is poured inside. Ōsawa blends innovative technology with creative designs to push the boundaries of traditional metal casting.
His work expressing the harmony between light and water has earned a high reputation at exhibitions such as Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, and Ōsawa Kōmin was designated as a Living National Treasure in 2005.
At this exhibition, we will exhibit the works which have been selectively chosen from his many masterpieces to provide visitors a valuable opportunity to experience the essence and attractiveness of metal working.


Bronze vase cast in igurumi technique Hi to mizu to (Fire-Water)  
Dated 2009


Bronze vase cast in igurumi technique Yûha  
Dated 2008