Seven Living National Treasures

2023.09.01(Fri) - 2023.10.17(Tue)


Works of kōgei developed through their respective traditions against the background of Japan’s rich culture. Each item is created through highly sophisticated skills, and they continue to enrich our everyday lives through their utility and beauty. Japan has for many decades consciously preserved such skills and traditions by designating individuals who have attained the highest levels of mastery in various genres of kōgei, and these artists and artisans — Living National Treasures — are our country’s pride and joy, leading Japanese culture into the future. The exhibition curates the work of seven prominent Living National Treasures, each representing the finest artistry in their fields. The 31 items of kōgei, ranging from ceramics to textiles, urushi lacquerware and bamboo art, entice visitors into the world of excellent craftwork and beauty of nature.



Exhibition highlights



Overglazed lidded jar with fruit-and-herb design using sumi hajiki technique, 2023, IMAIZUMI Imaemon XIV



Nakano deep bowl with moon white glaze, 2013, Fukushima Zenzō, MOA Museum of Art



Kimono of tsumugi fabric with patterned kasuri “Green shadow”, 2018, SASAKI Sonoko



Kimono of patterned gauze “Princess Tsubaki”, 2022, TSUCHIYA Yoshinori



Urushi tray with maki-e and inlay decoration “Lustre”, 2005, MUROSE Kazumi



Bronze vase cast using igurumi technique “Into the Vast Sky”, 2018, Ōsawa Kōmin, MOA Museum of Art



Flower basket using tabane ami technique “Energy”, 2007, FUJINUMA Noboru, MOA Museum of Art